Great Software begins with Great Ideas

Greetings and welcome! I am a dedicated .NET Software Architect and Developer located in close proximity to Lansing, Michigan. My professional journey is fueled by a fervent dedication to engineering cutting-edge software solutions.

My proficiency lies in the meticulous development of custom system integrations and enhancing commercial software to streamline and optimize organizational development processes. Whether you're seeking tailor-made solutions or looking to enhance existing software, I'm here to help.

Take a moment to explore some of my recent projects, and don't hesitate to reach out if you require assistance. Let's collaborate to bring your software vision to life.

With expertise in .NET Core and traditional Framework in C#, YAML (CI/CD Pipelines), PowerShell, SQL, Entity Framework, LINQ, OOP principles, various Linux distributions, and all areas of Azure DevOps, I recently accomplished the successful upgrade of 15 end-user programs and backend services from legacy Visual Basic to C#. This transition, which involved utilizing Entity Framework, LINQ, and Object-Oriented Development principles, resulted in increased production capacity and fewer man-hours expended per vehicle produced.

I am currently available to undertake projects of any size or to explore permanent placement opportunities. Backed by extensive experience and a steadfast dedication to achieving exceptional outcomes, I am enthusiastic about bringing my skills and expertise to your organization. Whether you need assistance with short-term projects or are seeking a long-term partnership, I am prepared to contribute value to your team. Please don't hesitate to reach out to discuss potential collaborations or employment opportunities in more detail.

Manufacturing System

Serial number scanning, Bill of Material (BOM) management, and Pick List creation are among the manufacturing processes I've had years of experience.

Engineering Software

Extending commercial software systems using API's to enhance the capability of off-the-shelf software like AutoCAD and Solid Works, and eDrawings

Cloud Services

Managing team workflow can be challenging.  Integrate services like Azure, Atlassin and GitHub with your existing systems.

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